Our Story

With a thirst for art and design from a young age, I have always enjoyed exploring my creative side, from making homemade gifts and edible treats to decorating the home. When I had my children, I found a flair for using my creativity to produce their special birthday cakes. Developing my self-taught skills over the years has allowed me to truly find my path within the artistic world.  

I absolutely love meeting engaged couples and hearing all about their plans for one of the most special days of their lives! Being involved in such a wonderful event really excites me and because of this, I have found that my true passion lies within the wedding industry; creating beautiful centrepiece wedding cakes, that are designed, home baked and decorated by me.

Since becoming vegan in January 2020, I discovered that cakes can be just as delicious when they don’t contain any animal products; not only are they kinder to animals and the environment, but they consider dairy allergies*

I spent much of 2020 trialling and perfecting recipes so that both vegans and non vegans can enjoy my cakes, and the best thing is, you wouldn’t even know any different!

Every cake is baked with love and decorated with passion!

*as standard, my cakes include gluten containing products but this can be amended upon request