Pricing & Enquiries

All wedding cakes are designed to specification and therefore individually priced following a free, no obligation consultation.

However, to help you plan your wedding, you can use the following as a guide:

Wedding Cakes

The following prices are given only as a guide, and are based on 3 tiers providing 100 tall, slim servings:

Naked cakes from £250

Semi naked cakes from £300

Iced cakes from £350

To obtain a more accurate quote, please contact me with more information on design.

Celebration Cakes


Drip cake/buttercream cakes start from £75

Covered cakes start from £85

Price depends on intricacy and detail of design. Decorations such as flowers and toppers are priced additionally.


The cost of your cake does not include delivery and set up charge (if applicable). Delivery will be calculated by distance from my premises to your venue and return, plus travel time and set up time (if applicable). This will be added to the agreed cake price.

Delivery is advised to ensure the cake arrives safely and is set up accordingly, taking unnecessary stress away from you on your big day.